Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pre-Wedding Neha & Aditya

Their Word was Full of Stolen Kisses and Whispering moments. They Craved to Give each those 'Forever in Love' looks and held Hands The whole Time.
while Neha Was the Quirky and Bubbly One, Aditya being a Gentlemen that he was, took Time to Getting Along with Cracking Silly Jokes and Romancing in Public.
But It was all So Natural, Open to experiments and We didn't Drop any Concept we planned just because we have lesser time than we thought,
We Shot at the famous Hauz Khaz Fort Area which was surrounded around a Lake, Full of Stones and incomplete Structures. The Sunset Looked Beautiful Opposite to the lake Hiding behind The Lush green trees Giving Golden Glow to everything around it.
We spend the evening Snacking at a Rooftop restaurant chatting, with the beautiful Orange settling into the Blue Skies with Contrasty yellow Bokeh Twinkling From far Away and We enjoyed the Chill, Coffee and Drunk Couple around us.
We set out with another Plan of Not Ending our Day just yet and we Went on a Drive at Midnight..Shooting and romancing in the Middle of the Streets and finding ourselves rescued by roadside Maggi and Coffee after the Tiring and Memorable Day.
Next Day we Drove around and Shot in Green Abandoned Areas of Noida.. and Finished Our Shoot in Lodhi Garden, again Witnessing the Sunset behind Palm trees and Subtle Drizzle..
While finishing Up the Shoot at the Stairs near the greenhouse at the Same Place, we Couldnt Stop Shooting and I Practically fell down So hard tumbling on a Statue that I actually Thought  i Hope i haven't broken my Camera before Realising i Might have Broken My Leg. TYPICAL # PhotographerLife.
But I Didnt.. and Came back with More than A shoot..

I love experiences Like These. and I love Sharing them Like This.
Thank You To Neha and Aditya for being Such Cute Lovers and thankyou to my Dearest brother Rajat for Helping us out the Whole time.



They Got married This march and Thats when they Started their Happily Ever After.
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Singh.
Lots of Love,

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  1. Amazing post!! I am in love with these pictures. Liked the couple too. These pics reminded me of my friend’s wedding photo shoot at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. She hired a very talented photographer who did a great job in clicking incredible pictures.