Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Vaca 2014- Mahabaleshwar

It was October and we Left just AFter celebration Diwali the Previous Day.. tired Exhausted ad Sleepy...

This is me and my family on a Three day trip to Mahabaleshwar which was nothing less than a Drama and Filled Daily Soap.
I felt so good to have found time to travel somewhere.. and i never thought it could be so much fun with family.
My younger Brothers and Sisters had the best time Fighting, taking Selfies, and Helping me click random Thing..

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Hope you like the Pictures as much as i do..ive spend days working on the colours ive used in these Pictures and finally look as goos as i imagined them to be. so yay.
here it is..:)


The Second Morning was filled with dew drops all around the fields and leaves and it looked Beautiful!

 We slept all Through the journey.. except me and Brother while Returning.. we watched Despicable me 2 so manyy times!!

 Me.. Chillin. 
 My favourite Picture !
 Raw mulberry Trees were planted and ready to eat, everywhere near our Hotel... Our hands looked soaked in blood and our Lips were Dark berry Coloured,.... and we picked and Ate Countless Berries.. except ME. ofocurse... i had to beg for them as i was busy clicking meaningless pictures of trees and mulberrys as if it was the first time i was introduced to nature.

 I had never seen such enthusiasm in my Family.. it was memorable.
 and the tongues..! :P

 Moms can be Fun! ^_^

 i had no idea about the Spider... and This was before i Placed That Leaf on my Pose and Pose till the end of Time..i guess the Spider found its way inside my Mouth or ears... or got fed up and jumped off me.

That lady.

 Cutting chai!! 
My baby Brother! <3 p="">
 Me,My dad's baby Brother and my baby brother's dad together. O.o
*might delete this*

The fields, the trees, the roots. the Fresh Green Colour, Fresh Strawberryz, and everything beautiful!

 yea this was something!

  Those Md red rocks looked so Beuatiful, we ahd to stop and take Pictures with it..

  Thats some lake behind us.. with Cold winds at its peak..we had Sweet Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Boating :)
 and me and my dad got our caricatures Done..!! and Mine looks like Vidya balan from Upside Down.. and Juhi Chawali from Front. No one has ever been been able to draw My caricature that Looked something Like me. *im Giving up
 That that started Looking like my dad in 5 Seconds!! 

Mulberry and Guava Collection!

 This was under the Guava Tree.

Dew shit.

 The road of my dreams.

 for the Night is dark and full of terrors. :P


  1. Hey beautiful pics, in llllooooovvvvvvvvveeeee with last shot :) ..and ya colors are unparalleled !! ^_^
    Akhilesh Singh

    1. I love the Colours too..! Thankyou So much. :)

  2. Color Processing is outstanding.
    Jaymin Bhavsar

  3. wow !! Last Picture is my fav :) Keep shooting :) !!

    1. Its one of my favourites too.. But the Green Leaf one is my most favourite!
      Glad you like em. :)

  4. I made your last picture as my facebook cover picture :) hope you don't mind and if not am sorry.