Thursday, 12 June 2014

Scarlet Black

 Its a Bath full of sunshine...or a Bed of Drought under her feet.. Its one Moment of Light and Second of Accepting Sunset Falling into beautiful Darkness. and she Never hated Darkness. 

A day just meant to Shoot at Home..became a Plan to Shoot a Common Story. Light is Beautiful and So is Darkness.. and One Cannot Exist without the Other.

Nidhi might have a Little behind the Scenes Video coming out for this Shoot Soon.. 

Girl: Anmol
Make-up, Photography and Retouching by Me.

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Loads of Love,


  1. After seeing all the pics i was really shocked .... you are really god's gifted photographer :) One can see efforts in your photos. Good going.
    True Fan of Yours - Rj Prashant Gawade.

    1. Words like these keep me goin. Thank you so much. :)