Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Winter Skin

its all Different ..my life changed as the last summer left us cold..its like i was suddenly a grown up and i had to judge things i wasnt even familiar to before..
i like im still that baby inside..who cries out fro the past..for the perfect ending..
im cold and mean..bt still thankful for al that i have.. i have hatred bt still try to understand the pain beneath the disguised evil around my life....i am hated ..bt still i find myself beautiful someday or the other..
i am learning to adapt my life the way it is and the way its goin to change..and im trying to take control of it.so that i can turn it around with time.
i am taking baby steps towards a life..where i Live..not just Survive..
i want to help the cold ones and shower them with warmth that i have in my heart for all those who deserve better...
for all those who inspire me..for all those who work hard..for all those who DREAM.

i was supposed to post this months ago when i shot this series..bt i finished editing just today....im too Slow i know..Forgive me for it..bt its just that i dnt upload anything until im satisfied with it...
this series is just how i imagined it to be...and i love it like anything...
this whole series is inspired by the amazing Julia Trotti..whose i admire like a mentor and adore her work like  a die hard fan..
its always a delighting and inspiring process tp grow from where you dream to where you achieve it...and only you know the hurdles in between..

anyways im proud of this on..and i hope you guys like it too..:)