Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our vintage Today.

Im happy to be still posting My wandering Little trips to around the City . We still feel As excited as years ago About goin out and Trying to Capture the Seen yet Unseen. This was our Third Trip and Mayb the last one Together(for a while) to The famous Thol. Its was the Best This time as we threw ourselves on the ground like nothing mattered, we Climed Trees and Crossed Little lakes.. 
Its always beautiful to go to Trips with People you can be urself with and people Whu can Photograph you ofcourse..!lol..thats the funn Part.Always.
Me, huzaifa and Nidhi together Tried to photograph our journey and Randomness.. and Here itis:)
Pics Including me are Clicked by my amazing friend Huzaifa who was out of Practise but not out of Passion..:)
This was our Last week Together and We are all in different cities but i Cant never forget out Time Together.
i keep Posting such Senti as well as Serious Work occasionally.:P
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Tree Climbing:)  Like a Monkey.

but FIRST..lemme take a #selfie .

Like a Beach:)

Wierdness i liked. 

Flamingoesss!!!! <3 td="">

My Favourite of al Pics of Mine TILL DATE. How i Feel is what you see. <3 td="">

His Capture.


Love you all:)

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