Saturday, 20 December 2014

HyperBole Accesories.

So This Month wasnt very Good for me except all the Shoots and Photographers i Hang out with.
Collaboration is Something i really Look forward to as i Dnt usually get the Chance to Experiment a Lot with Clients. But this shoot was Different.

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                      Shot for Hyper Bole Accessories this Month. The Designer Gazal Took my Advice to model herself for her Grogeous Jewellery and im Loving the Decision.

You can check out her Work and Get in touch with her. :)

You can mail me at chandniduaa@gmail for any inquires or Collaboration Ideas.
Good Day

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  1. New Bein is AMAZING!! They are so friendly and helpful. Great service and quick! They were able to beads to my ring in a couple hours! More info you can find at