Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sea Vibes

Our first Little getaway trip Which was Started with Just a Little Desire to travel Someplace before the Summer...
and There We were, Me and roma just Sitting at Iim finalising one day That We gotta get Away and We did..
Good Thing for me as I've always Appreciated people with a Desire to Travel and Explore..  and who have the courage to just Get out..!
So here It is.. out Trip That Started from Mumbai to Goa and Back..
i will be Posting pics on my Instagram with Details about the Places we went and our Little Adventures..

I Might just be Adding everything in Blog too later.. but Today and Im gonna leave it on the pictures..!

Special thanks to Christy, roma and karan For being such crazy jumpers for my Pictures and Clicking when I couldn't..

These are My happiest pictures and I would Suggest everyone to just get the fuck out from wherever you are Stuck and dive in the ocean and do silly adventures with the Few people you can be Yourself with, have your tummies filled with Chocolate Cakes at Midnight, and Dance till you Drop at night!