Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Waking up where i Slept.

Blogging is an addiction ive seen..its about sharing your life...everything in your life..especially if your a photographer..its about being connected with people in different parts of the world as well as the ones which are closer...i here by promise to keep updating as frequently as possible...
and talking of now...i dnt upload that much its becuz im lazy..not becuz i dnt shoot enough..
these days are depressing as im was out of work(not now...yayyyy) and wasnt paying much attention to conceptual work i promised myself i would the lethargic phase is over i guess..
so i sat al day long and customized my blog a that i feel good uploading anything..edited some lovely pics i clicked long ago that i didnt finalise..promised myself that i'd work more and more everyday...and reward myself with mouth watering COFFEE!!
cheers if coffee is your fuel too:)
gud morning World(especially INDIA.)
Coffee Buddy

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