Sunday, 30 September 2012

Catching Light

its my new Canon 5D mark ii thats diving me crazy and i cnt ask for more..
im soooooo excited for the journey ahead...
below are some of the newest pics with my canon...and im totally amazed by its ability and output..
some sunset seriousness....i could do that good in sunset or backlit shots but i am so satisfied this time..and i spend most of the sunsets with my mark ii...

my facebook page has fnally crossed 2000 im realy thankful and grateful for al the support from everyone..:)
im wana thank everyone who take out some time from their busy lives to wirte me sweet and supportive msgs everyday just to let me know that they are there for me and they will always love my work..
without al of this i dnt think ill have the energy to go thankyu again:)
but some things never flickr explore still hates me!

i love the light here.:)

so this is one the most amazing things ive seen..cuz i didnt know something like this exists..
this is some appliction that can control whole of any dslrs throught it and its amazing and very useful i think.

happy supportive god:)

below one was anicely well lit photograph..i experimented a bit for fun.

50mm is Magic!!

little things.

some recents edits of my 365 day project..
you can view regular uploads of 365 dya project on my facebook page.
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